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💔 Bed of lies💔

13 November 2018 - Poems - admin - Comments

– Poem by: Trishna Pokharel An untold story Hidden within her heart 💝 Piercing memories and she Cursing over own birth 😔 An unexpected feeling Felt once in a life 😋 Living her dream She had thought to survive 😇 Broken dreams broken promises And the broken heart 💔 Trusting became a mistake as Everywhere fakeness plastered 👿 Still waiting […]

Please Don’t Write

13 November 2018 - Poems - admin - Comments

– Poem by: Jonas Beesta Over the river polished stone Surrounded by earthen bones round the obliteration that wrote ‘Please don’t write here’ And we wrote That went and came along like the precious we poured over the whitened slippery stone of intoxication we wrote the depths of the universe and multiverse contained in marijuana, […]


22 March 2014 - Poems - admin - Comments

– Poem by : Bikranta Bikram Kharel Hollow was my dear heart, before you came… Shallow was my poor feelings, befor you came…. Months had passed befor i smiled last…. Now that i’m happy, i hope thts just the cast..! Yours is the only name, that i murmur now… In no time, we became close,i cnt […]

My soul is waiting

20 November 2013 - Poems - admin - Comments

– Poem by : Bikranta Bikram Kharel I think of time,when u were with me… The days we past,the deeds we did… Now,you are far away,i knw u dnt care me… But also… My love for u is til eternity..!! You are my true love,the princes of my heart… All those blunder,maybe i maynt hv known… […]

यी दस बर्षहरुमा

9 November 2013 - Poems - admin - Comments

प्रजातन्त्र थियो अनि स्वतन्त्रता थियो शान्ति मौलएर सुन्दरता छाएको थियो मातृइत्वोका साथै स्वाविमन थियो तर कुर्चिको लागि हानाथाप भयो सत्ताको मोहले पार्टीहरुलाई छोयो यस्तो गर्छौ, बिकास गर्छौ भन्दै सधैभरी जनतलाई ढाँटिरहे, छलिरहे आरुको इशारामा नचिरहे यी दस बर्षहरुमा । अराजकताले ठाउँ पायो हाम्रो देशमा हिंसा जती सबै बढ्यो शान्तिको भेषमा कसैलाई केहै थाहै भएन सबै […]

Education, Is it business?

7 October 2013 - Free Writing - admin - Comments

– Saroj Paudel Education is believed to be originated from Latin word ‘Educo’ which mean “I educate” or “I train”. Nowadays this word with beautiful meaning has become very interesting topic to study because it has being merged with the other interesting topic, i.e. business. It is interesting to know that there are thousands of schools […]

A Letter to Mother

4 August 2013 - Poems - admin - Comments

– Neeraj Baral Jumping and Playing in Your lap, Giving you trouble I used to clap, Slowly and slowly as each day passed, You taught me what life was all about. Do you remember the days we spent together? I wished that you would stay for ever But my wish is all in vain As […]

Who is she ?

14 July 2013 - Poems - admin - Comments

– Manoz Shrestha She is not his enemy As she hasn’t ever hurt Instead she speaks polietly with him As there is no spot in white shirt.

Joke: first time

11 July 2013 - Jokes - admin - Comments

– Sagar Khadka A man was flying in an aeroplane for first time, so he was very frightened. He had his seat near cockpit. To overcome his fear, he thought of talking to the pilot.


11 July 2013 - Story - admin - Comments

– Roshan Bhandari Once upon a time in a small town of Nepal, there lived Rakesh and Sital. They were teenagers and were madly in love with each other. Rakesh always dreamed ofgoing to the USA, therefore he always kept on filling DV forms. The year, when he passed +2, he was lucky because he […]