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Education, Is it business?

– Saroj Paudel Education is believed to be originated from Latin word ‘Educo’ which mean “I educate” or “I train”. Nowadays this word with beautiful meaning has become very interesting topic to study because it has being merged with the other interesting topic, i.e. business. It is interesting to know that there are thousands of schools […]


 -Kripesh Shrestha       Mother, first and greatest teacher, a teacher of love, compassion and fearlessness. A truest friend, she is our consolation in distress, hope in misery, strength in weakness and a true source of love, mercy, sympathy and leniency. Even our shadow leaves us in darkness but our mother would be the […]

What is love?

– Sushil Narayan Shah It seems to me a big question, the answer of which may filled the pages of so many piles of book but still the answer of the question will be since last three years. I had asked this question to many great personality, literature, lover but still I couldn’t be able […]

The Value of Time

– Surya Prakash Neupane We come to this world for a few years. We have limited span of life. We have to use use time wisely. Time once gone never comes back. We cannot hold up the passage of time. If we use time properly, we can achieve a lot of in life. If we […]

Life as you like it

– Anand Mittal “Nothing is permanent except change,” how true it is. Even the theory of flux tells us that change is impossible to avoid in life. What is life ? Is it an experience of frightful sights or an achievement of longing desires ? Is it an ever growing process of change from childhood […]

Kali Das

– Sankar Dev      Poit generation teacher’s great poet Kali Das Count India only Not only We do in the world . He sowed his creative power in Drama Epic and lirics      Abhighan sakuntalam named Drama got popolaraty in the world . Whose writing has been tranststed in many langause in the world .

Autobiography of a girl

– Eliesa Kharel How much stupid it is of me to have faced all the troubles in my life and still sprawl few words with a hope of reaching to that speck on the radiant flower beyond my reach. I was left behind from the time of my birth. I could feel that cold, painful, dismal, […]

My Friend, My Book

– Sahira Shrestha  I have spent 12 years of my life spending time with you. Every time I look at myself I see your impression in me. You are the one who helped me to connect network among the strangers who are my friends today.Every moment with you inspires me to get along the situation and […]

What is science?

   Science Definition – Ananda Sigdel  The word science comes from the Latin “scientia,” meaning knowledge. How do we define science? According to Webster’s New Collegiate Dictionary, the definition of science is “knowledge attained through study or practice,”