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Tricks & Tips

Trick 7 : Game to Make 10 from 1,2,3

One day Ramesh decided to tesh his brother how quick his brain is. So, he asked him to take a pen and a paper. Then he asked to solve one mathematical problem. HIS QUESTION: You have to make 10 from 1, 2, 3 using any mathematical technique using the numbers once only. If you can […]

Trick 6 : Convert 9 to 10

One day Nim asked Manoj a mental game. Manoj tried to solve. The question was – There are nine lines, make it ten without adding any number. Manoj thought for some time and wrote 10 in a paper. Nim said so, it is not. Manoj told Nim to prove. Nim made 10 in this way. […]

Trick 5 : Subtracting 45 from 45 remaining 45

We can enjoy by playing different mathematical games because of its nature and quality. A proof of 45 – 45 = 45 is given here which is impossible but can be made possible for entertainment. WE KNOW: 9 + 8 + 7 + 6 + 5 + 4 + 3 + 2 + 1 = […]

Trick 4 : Mystery of Number Three

Let’s see the amazing fact of number 3. If we add the digits of the product that comes other multiplying 3 by any number, the sum is divisible by 3.

Trick 3 : To know other’s age by the number in tables

Look the number in the able and find the age with magic. To know one’s age by number at table, ask your friend to see his/her age in the table given. You can tell him/her age by knowing the number in the table which he/she shows.

Trick 2 : Way to find the two digits number

Manoj recently got the job of auditing. He has a hobby to play mathematical games with the staffs. He told his colleagues Binod, ‘Write any number of two digits. Binod wrote and again Manoj told to write the digit at one’s place to the left of the number and the digit at the tens place […]

Trick 1 : To Make 1000 Using 8 for Eight times

A person once again tried to teach a mathematical game to the other person. A person has made his life style to make other struggle before solving problems. A person asked other person to make 1000 using 8 for eight times by using mathematical technique.

MAGIC to find your age via Telephone No.

-Simon Thada Chsstm Type ur last phone number (only one digit) Then, i) multiply by 2 ii) add 5


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