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– Poem by : Bikranta Bikram Kharel Hollow was my dear heart, before you came… Shallow was my poor feelings, befor you came…. Months had passed befor i smiled last…. Now that i’m happy, i hope thts just the cast..! Yours is the only name, that i murmur now… In no time, we became close,i cnt […]

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My soul is waiting

– Poem by : Bikranta Bikram Kharel I think of time,when u were with me… The days we past,the deeds we did… Now,you are far away,i knw u dnt care me… But also… My love for u is til eternity..!! You are my true love,the princes of my heart… All those blunder,maybe i maynt hv known… […]

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– Bikranta Bikram Kharel You are there to care me every second, you are my guide who always hold my hand, there’s no measure of love which you give,

The Unheard Scream

– Bikranta Bikram Kharel Many times I cried, I shed lot of tears, I went through pain was out of mind, I shouted for help but nobody was behind,

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When I Remember You | Poem

– Bikranta Bikram Kharel I cant see things around, my breath goes high with hissing sound. Heart beats faster and my thoughts always fall,

Illusion | Poem

– Bikranta Bikram Kharel   I saw you coming nearer with a tear in my eye, My eyes were wet, for i had dreams so high. My hands stretch to hug you,

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