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– Poem by: Trishna Pokharel His eyes, glazed with fire, 😍 could have burned everyone. 🔥 No one dared to face him, 😳 and She? She feared no one. 😎 They warned her to stay away 🚫 he too maintained the distance. 🤚 Why would she listen them, 😏 Her heart had its own stance. […]

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– Poem by: Trishna Pokharel A moment without your remembrance Feels like a day without the sun, dark and incomplete A dream without your appearance Feels like a mirror without a reflection, misfortune and freet They say i have gone crazy, Out of my mind, insane in my thoughts They say i have been lost, […]

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– Poem by: Trishna Pokharel काँडाहरु बिच पनि फ़क्रिएर फुल्ने गुलाब हो माया अलि अलि गर्दै मन देखि मस्तिस्क सम्म हुने प्रभाब हो माया ! नज़रबाट उत्रिएर सिधै मनमा लाग्ने तिर हो माया समाजका भारहरुले झुकौन खोजे पनि गर्व साथ उठ्ने सिर हो माया !! फिक्का फिक्का जिन्दगिमा इन्द्रेणी भर्ने रंग हो माया खालि खालि […]

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💔 Bed of lies💔

– Poem by: Trishna Pokharel An untold story Hidden within her heart 💝 Piercing memories and she Cursing over own birth 😔 An unexpected feeling Felt once in a life 😋 Living her dream She had thought to survive 😇 Broken dreams broken promises And the broken heart 💔 Trusting became a mistake as Everywhere fakeness plastered 👿 Still waiting […]

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