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Late Mange Skar

– Sanakar Dev LATA MANGE SKAR was the sining in the  it is so on name. Who could not be and has not been too. In her voice which Madhurtha and nice. This is very hard to find. Which she was minister of  Indida which also a singer.

Perm Chand

– Sankar Dev Indian Popular stryreller and novetist, Perm chand started his writing action since 1897, Perm chand’s  Story was Sansanka sabse Anmd Ratea and Jamana 1901 also plblisted . Sofe wtan 1907 was come in light full of national love; Nationality . Which was capture by government .


– Sankar Dev  Tenestein Minded 20th Century . He is known in the world. ZHe was in the serch he rich till space and Gurubahasharn Siddhana approreled.Tenestiein was born in urmila in Germina 14 in March, 1879. In Swearne land he had got his knodwladge. Grrig Politnic Acadime he was leve for years. In 1900 […]

Tutisi Das

– Sankar Dev  Tulisi Das had created Bhakti vetture and he is the lidder of Devotee age. Which makes made deep pathetic felling to all the hindus comountity. Now days Tulisi Das writing Ramchalit Manas ‘ It is in all the hindus mouth. He wrote in Abadhi alngause whose book made easy to read to […]


–  Sankar Dev      Great Mahana Generasion was med by chanakya . Chanakya is one scullar farsiged with Distracalpi person with Ecsonomic and politice depolimetic book . Krimahadhharti within kingdom because His disrespect was don, after this he took the bid of Binas.