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Joke: first time

– Sagar Khadka A man was flying in an aeroplane for first time, so he was very frightened. He had his seat near cockpit. To overcome his fear, he thought of talking to the pilot.


– Dipesh Karmacharya Son: Father, why did you send me to school? Father: Because, to make you a doctor. Son: But the teacher


– Gita Thapa First: Did you know once I had a hen that laid hard boiled eggs? Second: That’s nothing, once I bathed my cow in cold water and next day we got ice cream instead of milks.


– Hem  Bdr. Gurung Teacher said to his student Teacher: Well done! Santy. I am very happy to see your progress, passing examination by distinction marks. You go on progressing.

A Joke

– Bishwash Bhandari One stupid Scientist wanted to find out the location of ears in the body of house fly. He took a fly and cried on it “Fly away”. The fly simply flew away. Then he took another housefly and tore off its both wings and again shouted as loudly as he could “fly […]

शेरे र शेरेकी श्रीमती

 – Saroj Nepal शेरे : बिहेभन्दा अगाडी तिम्रो कती boyfriend थिए ? ( शेरेकी श्रीमती ले एउटा खाम निकालेर दिइछ जसमा चनाका दालका केही केडा र 80 रूपैया थियो ) शेरे : हैन यो के हो ????

पसले र भिखारि

– Saroj Nepal पसले साहु सँग भिखारि; भिखारि:साहुजी ३० रुपैयाँ दिनुस न चिया खानलाई । साहुजि:चिया त १५ रुपैयाँमा आउछ ,किन नि ३० रुपैयाँ ?

JOKE 127

-Saroj Nepal  POLICE: Where do you live ? Balotelli : With my parents POLICE : Where does your parents live ?

Ultimate Ghotay Series

-Saroj Nepal  Manager asked Ghotay at an interview. Can you spell a word that has more than 100 letters in it?