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– Sakar Paudel Cries are of different nature Some cries are for happiness, This shows you are contented


– Sakar Paudel Oh! Anger is your enemy, They are your death. Anger makes you famish,


– Tika Bhatta कसरी पोखौ पिर र व्याथा यो मरुभुमिको याद आउछ सधैं गाउ र बस्ती झुपडीहरुको । सपनी देख्छु बालबच्चा सँग खेलेको रातिमा

विदेश जाने निउँ

– Saimon Thada Chsstm विदेश जाने निउँमा मलाई जालमा पारिसके त्यसैले त विदेश जाने आश मैले मारिसकेँ यता गयो दलाली छ उता गयो दलाली दलालीलाई देखी मैले सपनाहरु टारिसकेँ

मारिसके नेपाली जनताले नेताहरुसँगको आशा

– Navin Yadhav नेताहरुसँग छैन अब नेपाली जनाताको कुनै भरोसा किनभने यिनीहरुलाई थाहा नै छैन उनिहरुको कस्तो छ दुर्दशा मन्त्रीहरुले गर्छन खाली घुर्कीकै भाषा

Between Us

– Sandesh Subedee Why are you after a boat that’ll capsize after a tide that won’t always rise together we can hold hand if not kiss

Me and Myself

– Krishna Gaire Me and myself are two in one, I want to kill me and let myself run Me want to behave Myself want to misbehave Me has to pretend Myself wants to scream Me has to Fear Myself wants to fight Me has to look good Myself wants to go wild In dreams […]

Beautiful Way

– Krishna Sapkota I just want to go on the way to the mountains on the way to the river many people say


– Bishwash Bhandari Smokers smoke to satisfy themselves But they disturb the living organs Inside them.

When I Remember You | Poem

– Bikranta Bikram Kharel I cant see things around, my breath goes high with hissing sound. Heart beats faster and my thoughts always fall,