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– Roshan Bhandari Once upon a time in a small town of Nepal, there lived Rakesh and Sital. They were teenagers and were madly in love with each other. Rakesh always dreamed ofgoing to the USA, therefore he always kept on filling DV forms. The year, when he passed +2, he was lucky because he […]

Memorable Dream-II

– Sakar Paudel       Mary has a dream that one day she wanted to have her job in highly respected post of doctor. One day she got a notice from a peculiar man who was wearing old clothes; having dirty cap on his head. When she saw him, she tried to move away. At the […]

Memorable Dream

– Sakar Paudel   Mary has a dream that one day in a peace and dark night one of unseen man appears in front of her. When she was walking here and there for seeking her beloved who had already died. That new man encountered at once, Mary screamed, shouted, and closed her eyes since […]

Hindu man raising a Muslim child in Lucknow

– Gaurav Adhikari A tea vendor in Lucknow Aiku Lal Sandil finds a Muslim boy abandoned at a garden near his tea stall, when asked about his whereabouts the boy only remembers his name as Akbar, Aiku reports to police but the police were unable to trace the boy’s parents as there was no complain […]

Supper Time

-Axel Fray I stand beside the door as it opens. She walks inside and closes the door. She can’t see me, because I move too fast for her to notice. Wherever she looks, I move behind her. I can’t let her see me yet. There is no fun is scaring your victim too soon. She […]